Web Approach - A Preview

Prologue In the twentieth century the unparalleled tool, the so-called computer.  The growth of the computer industry is the Internet.  There is no point in using the Internet.  With the use of the Internet in the business sector, the global economy is rapidly improving.  Today, the system is used in all activities, from classroom teaching to administration.  The computer is essential for improving the learning ability of the student and for enhancing the teaching ability of the teacher. The University of California Luton has been exploring ways to improve classroom learning and teaching technology.  At the end of the study, teachers found that with the use of the Internet approach, teachers were learning with new information and students were gaining more learning.  A history professor has improved his teaching skills as he has taught more than 5000 historical subjects and descriptions on the Internet, teaching the subject of Southeast Asian Architecture, preparing a CD with his own s


In Japan generally  "tandoori chicken"  is India, which is called (Punjab) cuisine. Chicken is soaked in spices and yogurt and baked in a tandoori kiln. However, the  original tandoori chicken uses meat with bones, and the meat  without bones is simply called "tikka" (fillet). Nothing different from tandoori chicken except that it uses boneless meat. The real Indian style is to add a lot of food red to give it a bright crimson color. In this recipe, paprika powder is added to add redness. By the way,  chicken  tikka  masala  is a curry dish using this chicken tikka, which was invented at an Indian restaurant in the 1960s and is still a major curry dish in Britain.


You can send information and knowledge you have on the blog to the world A blog  can send your experience, information, knowledge, etc. to an unspecified number of people. Disseminating this information to the public through your blog adds value to the information you have! You can send information on SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, but a blog that allows you to write as much as you want is superior to SNS in terms of "easiness to convey information". You can connect with people who have sympathized with your blog By sending information on the blog, people who have sympathized with the content may respond by email or comments. New communication  may be born  with these people  . It's great to be able to connect with people who empathize with you!  .. You can earn advertising revenue from your blog I think many people want to start a blog for this purpose. By placing advertisements on your blog, you can earn advertising revenue from your blog.